The following is a directory of all sections and sub-sections of the Evil Empire guide. This is primarily so you can easily get to the topics you need, as some of them are less conspicuously located than others.

AC vs. Stamina
>Stamina Armor Equivalence


>What is a Block?
>Block Value? Block Rating?
>So What's My Block Value?
>How Does It Work?
>Shield Slam
>The Shield Block Ability
>Do I Need 25% Block?
>Wait, Shouldn't That Be 27.4%?
>Can I Block Critical Hits?
>How Much Does It Help?

The Combat Table
>How Does It All Work?
>What's The Answer Then?
>+ToHit +Crit
>Overpower And Other Special Cases
>Blocks and Critical Hits

Crit Chance vs. Defense
>Chance to be Criticall Hit by Opponent Level

Crushing Blows

>What is Defense?
>Defense Rating and Defense Skill
>Crushing Blows
>Critical Hits
>How much defense do I need, then?
>Defense skill and PvP

Diminishing Returns
>Mitigation, Armour, Diminishing Returns
>Diminishing Returns
>So Why Do People Say There Are No Diminishing Returns?

Glancing Blows

Formulas and Relationships
>Attack Power
>Critical Hits
>To Hit
>Rating Conversions

Life After 490 Defense *
>I Got 490 Defense! Now What?
>Stack Stamina
>Stack Avoidance
>So which do I do?
>My Opinion

>What is Mitigation?
>How much mitigation does my armour give, anyway?
>Under 60
>60 and beyond
>Mitigation at selected points
>Wait, what? So when do I hit the 75% cap?
>What about Magic?

Number Crunching, Shield Block/Crushing Blow

Number Crunching, Diminishing Returns - Math!

*The section, "Life after 490 Defense," is a very good read. Though the section is clearly Satrina's work and thinking, this also acts as independent validation for what I've been preaching and arguing for 2 years. It takes all of the intricacies into account and is worded very well.

The section is not new and has been a part of Satrina's site since day 1.The language has never been as concise as this, though, and dare I say it, it's written better than the parallel sections in my own guide on reactive healing, etc. Except for this one line, which bugs the heck out of me.