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Thread: Keybinds (E-Mail)

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    Keybinds (E-Mail)

    The following is a portion of an e-mail suggestion from Deira, Argent Dawn (EU?).

    I'm a keybinding freak, I use CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, CTRL-SHIFT and ALT-SHIFT
    modifiers on 1-12 for my mage. And the number pad for autobar, and
    CTRL/CTRLSHIFT-Z through V for marks. Aaand CTRL-Q-R for
    cooldowns/situational macros.

    For my warrior though, I needed more easily accessible buttons.
    Instead of shifting to ESDF like you, I use QWE, with \ bound to my
    mouse to go backwards. That leaves 1-4, A-F and Z-V free for skills.
    It's working really well, I still play my mage so it gets confusing as
    hell switching between the styles, but having eight buttons that
    easily accessible pwns. From 1-F, I have block, devastate, sunder,
    slam, revenge, HS, taunt and disarm, then on V I have a charge macro.
    I used to have that on S, but that was a BAD idea. Shouts/clap are on
    ALT-A-F, CTRL-1-F holds bloodrage, conc, bash, cleave and spell

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    Hey, I'm the abovementioned keybind freak. Cider, I'm totally cool with this being posted, I look forward to responses.

    Kaili, Argent Dawn/EU (aka Deira, Eldr)

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