This was the "farewell" post on the Warrior forums.

For those that care,

Thanks for the incredible last two years.

Thanks to the incredible team at Blizzard, as well as the many Warriors and players involved in the reference guide projects as well as motivating me as a Warrior, including but certainly not limited to Miyu, Aylevene, Satrina, Kenco, Lavina (bet ya didn't realize you sparked me to write the new one?). Thanks to the WoW-EU forums for providing new information where sometimes our own forums lag behind. Thanks to the many people who have argued or disagreed with me.

I won't use this forum as a complaint soapbox; I never have. There is reasoning, related to the drop from 40 man to 25 man raids and what I enjoy in gaming -- but it would be a lie to say that the demands of real life don't factor into it just as much. It has nothing to do with the Warrior class. I believe our class has issues; I also believe it is the greatest class design in any game I have played. Also, if things change both here and in my life, I may be back in time.

Don't ever forget that the others on these forums are real people. Two years ago I was in a close relationship that collapsed because of a miscarriage -- that's my passion, what drives me to succeed here, whether it makes sense or not. Everyone has different motives and reasons for playing and playing well. Respect people, don't flame them, don't post on an alt, even if you disagree.

Please keep the Warrior forums focused on the real issues and ideas; be passionate, but do it with math and theory, not just emotion; be devoted; be excited. Please do not post or respond to rants, complaints, whines or trolls. Please, use your instincts, but temper them with scientific thought, and realize you may be wrong (just as I have been many times).

I will be porting much of the content of Hold the Line verbatim to the stickied thread (though I don't know whether Blizzard will keep it stickied, obviously).

If any of you have any continued questions, please feel free to contact me via our web forums, as many have already done, or through my game e-mail address:

Thanks, and tank well,