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Thread: Kimbo to debut in MMA

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    Kimbo to debut in MMA

    Thanks to Rex on the tip off on this.

    Apparently Slice will make his sanctioned MMA debut against former world champion boxer Ray Mercer at Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5, to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 23, 2007.
    A video of Slice signing for the fight can be seen on the Cage Fury official website.

    Slice talks about his upcoming debut in an interview with touchgloves.com. The match is a three-round exhibition utilizing all professional rules of mixed martial arts combat.

    Slice will be featured on The Iron Ring, a new television series airing on BET which features mixed martial arts prospects. Slice will be a part of the selection process for the participants.

    If you're not familiar with Kimbo (he will kill you for not knowing him) you can check out his previous fights here and here.

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    I am sorry, MAYBE I can see that one huge black dude (who gets the meatball eye) or the giant white dude making an attempt. But really, what the fuck are these other dudes thinking. I mean, really.
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    brock lesnar...eh...not so much. HUGE dude, tuff guy (football, and even wwf isnt easy stuff)...but MMA tuff? he aint used to takin shots to the face for real (at least i dont think he is)

    should be interesting tho
    Kurt Angle is "in talks" with UFC i read...same with Lesnar

    One of those 4 (not the white guy, not the giant asian) is Royce Gracie. he'd whoop them all (at least in his prime) and only Kimbo would put a hurtin on him. Mad JiuJitsu skills. was UFC's top guy way back in the day.

    im impressed with Mercer already. Didn't get up there an talk trash, gave props left an right (even to kimbo); Very humble.
    Kimbo on the other hand "ima break you boss"
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    Word Danny!!!! Good lookin out. After Kimbo wins and inevitably fights in Vegas, I will be there.

    Eventide + Kimbo + The Vegas = people takin "naps" in the Mirage bathroom under the sink.


    P.S. I knocked out a 50 year-old bum after the Mayweather vs. De La Hoya fight.... Am I proud? No. But he started it.

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    Nate: "I ordered 4 cheeseburgers and they gave me 4 orange juices."
    Danny: "What did you do with the 4 orange juices?"
    Nate: "I drank them and left."

    In regards to the bum fight...


    I only wish I could have seen it.

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    Vegas Baby!!!

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    Rex...was it a One shot KO? if so, no reason to NOT be proud!

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