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  1. Warrior I am swapping out the mastery trinket with Vial...

    I am swapping out the mastery trinket with Vial of stolen memories depending on the fight.

    We have some World of Logs here but im not sure how to use it...
  2. Warrior Taking more dmg in raids than other tank. Cant figure out why?

    Need some advice, i seem to be taking a lot more dmg in raids than our other tank.

    I seem to have better gear etc, he is a pally and im a warrior.

    I am much harder to heal and take more damage...
  3. Tanking Warrior Tank gearing for raiding progression - mastery and gear!

    Hi, i have taked over the role of tanking and so far we have done magmaw and conclave,

    I think my gear is okay but im abit confused as to reforging and my current stats, if anyone could take a...
  4. Replies

    Warrior Gear advice upgrades.

    Hey starting raiding and playing again, would like some advice at what to aim for next.

    Is the war token worth getting over my trinket? Also i cant use the spreadsheet well as i use a mac and it...
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