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  1. US [A10 Stormrage US] 8/8H recruiting for MoP

    <Dark Trinity> level 25 8/8h alliance guild on stormrage Recruiting legendary Fire mage and Druid tank For MOP progression
    Must be available Tues, WEd, THurs 7pm-10pm EST. We will provide raiders...
  2. US [A-Stormrage-US] 7/8H recruiting for all teams!

    <Dark Trinity> 7/8h recruiting to fill up our ranks! Casuals are welcomed as well as raiders!
    We provide Food, Flask, Gems, Enchants, and Repairs, to raiders! the raid times are as follows:

  3. US [A-Stormrage-US] 6/8H DS T/W/TH 7-10pm Recruiting you!

    <Dark Trinity> 6/8H looking for a Hunter, Feral Bear, and Holy Paladin to fill our Core raid team to finish out DS and progress into Mist. Raid Schedule is as follows Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...
  4. US [A-Stormrage-US] 6/8H DS T/W/TH 7-10pm LF druid tank, Hpally/Hpriest

    Dark Trinity of Stormrage 6/8hm looking for a druid tank and either a holy paladin or holy priest for it's main raid Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday 7pm-10pm. 5/8h and 400ilevel preferred, interested...
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