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    Tanking Getting hit too hard

    So last night I was replaced for a different warrior with crappier gear than me because the healers found it easier to heal him..

    I want to take the least amount of damage possible.

    I want a...
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    Warrior Warrior T10 4 set bonus + Pillars of might

    So hello, my name is Munchiess. Born and raised on Duskwood US.

    So i was recently accepted back into my old guild(left in ulduar) thats top alliance on our server. 2-3rd on our server.

    I'm a...
  3. Tanking Thanks guys for the posts. Sorry for the...

    Thanks guys for the posts.

    Sorry for the mishap, I was kind of in a hurry last time but I'll be sure next time to link everything.

    Thanks again!
  4. Tanking Neverending Winter or (Heroic) Crystal plated vangaurd

    I just received the shield from 25m ToC HM. I think I should go with the crystal plated for the stam but I could be wrong. But is block value worth it?

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