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  1. DPS Any Advice to improve our Raid Wide Dps? WoL's included

    Howdy and here's the quick and dirty....

    Semi-hardcore raid guild that focuses on raid atmosphere over progression....but thinks that not progressing...
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    Tanking Warrior Tanks!! What's your best tip?

    Really itching to know if any Prot Wars have good/unique tips or tricks up their sleeves. Not a gearing or rotation tip as there is plenty of research to answer those questions. But just an...
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    Tanking War Tank...To Hard To Heal

    Got to be doing something wrong =\. (Insert diatribe about how lesser geared pally can coast through fester 3 stacks after I die at 2...or lesser geared pally can handle 7 ToGC Gormok marks when my...
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