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  1. Death Knight help with blood spec and a small gear question too.

    so basically yeah, i'm a frost tank.
    because I just don't get how blood tanking works.

    I have a spec for blood tanking, I got it from a friend
    who's a blood tank and he's like "oh it's...
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    mage missile barrage macro (request)

    hi guys, so anyway yeah i'm not familiar with anything but simple macros

    I was wondering if there'd be a way to make a macro/keybind for this

    for my mage my #4 button is set for casting...
  3. Tanking ok so since i'm capped let's say I were to drop...

    ok so since i'm capped
    let's say I were to drop some hit / expertise for stam
    what would be acceptable amounts to drop before my threat becomes an issue?
  4. Tanking help the importance of expertise and hit for tanks

    hi guys , ok so i'm kind of a new-ish tank.

    so I read up a while ago that these stats were very important
    8% hit rating 26 expertise
    which I worked hard to get on all 3 of my tanks.
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