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  1. I reforged yesterday and i now have 1040 haste...

    I reforged yesterday and i now have 1040 haste and 34% chance to crit. I reforged around before but now i should be cool.

    Ill try telling the priest to help healing our OT a bit more. Our MT isnt...
  2. Resto Druid needs help duo healing LK HC 10 With disc priest

    Hello all i'd like to explain my problem here.

    We have tried LK HC 10 for 3 nights now. The first two nights i forgot that soothe dispelled enrage so i gained that duty as well as tank healing. We...
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    Warrior Fury Warrior DPS Advice

    Im not doing all the damage i should be doing i have been reading around a lot for more information
    about my dps but i would like some personal advice.

    On 10 mans i average 4-5 k dps and on 25...
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