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    hit, expertise

    they are removing hit and expertise altogether, at least that's what they announced ..which means they will have to replace the mechanic with some kind of ramp up in damage? .. which is going to be...
  2. feral

    well you got your wish .. ferals completely without any form of cc now in 5.4 ;)
  3. proving grounds

    About Proving Grounds ..

    There was a discussion when the Dungeon Journal was put in place about how ---- people felt that it made things a bit too easy ... and I don't feel like it was used by...
  4. arena changes ... foreshadow

    The changes to the arena system will certainly help ... if you are on a low pop realm or one that is not a pvp realm .. the biggest problem is finding players that arent over your current skill lever...
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    Que without so much QQ

    they are against having addons for bgs and yet its been going on forever ..

    they need to supply a system where random people can form true pre made groups and play in a bracket of pre made groups...
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    pvp tanks

    i think tanks are annoying right now in the amount of cc and survivability. as a dps i should be able to nuke them but what it means is .. healing and tank classes have to be nerfed and buffed...
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    The reason hunters got stampede in arenas is because at the end of last season beast master was the worst .. in terms of even as a fully geared hunter you could not drop a tanky player ... with...
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    world bosses and other GW2 concept rip offs

    it would have been easier to have world bosses similar to old BC raids that involved one boss only. it works in a game like GW2 because of the inconsequential loot system. The fact that the bosses...
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    holy ..

    holy is better than it used to be for pally - we used to have a glyph of holy hand grenade to achieve aoe .. its kind of fine for some homogenization in the classes

    it would be nice if they did...
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    just conceed to the fact that ..

    you raid to get gear. this mythical person who does it for some other reason does not exist. its not that you cant raid for the fun of it- someone who isn't interested in it at all is probably not...
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    Why are they raiding at all ..

    For most people they do not fill every single slot with the highest item level gear in the game. I assume that people would raid for the same reason in pvp i get bummed when i lose a bg. I want to be...
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    trash thread hash tag

    i dont know of one single person who would not be in a raid for anything but gear ... the only person i could think of that would not want gear from a raid .. i cannot

    this is the one thing that...
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    wow addons & mic + grinding

    you do not really need any addons to raid with - i seriously would be able to on most encounters do without them.. i think its too emphasized as a necessity. outside of making the buffs movable in...
  14. charms.. charms?

    they should 86 charms and make the free loot roll x3 each week on 3 raid bosses so you can get your 75g - and make the charms something you use to purchase rep with.
  15. oh and for spectator mode just make it part of...

    oh and for spectator mode just make it part of the Mock Arenas .. that tab nobody uses would be used for the War Games ... that would add to that feature ... and not take away from regular game play
  16. CC in arena

    Id like to see them improve the DR effect on cc to make what exists. such as .. complete immunity after a full cc duration for the full duration of that cc. it wouldnt break rogues or any other class...
  17. Solution for Loot Drops in LFR

    They should just turn killing bosses into archeology. If you had enough kills of the same boss, you would then recieve fragments of the boss that when solved turned into something cool. Seriously 28g...
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    valor and raid finder and..

    The problem in the expansion is earning currency fast enough. Spirits of Harmony, Valor, and Conquest. Scenarios should be somewhat of a source of spirits, if anything. This time spent in exchange...
  19. Golden Eggs

    I think what you are fighting is the thought someone could use this information improperly to make something a truism of sorts.(from abusing what numbers are crunched out from a machine or even...
  20. Thread: Lore's UI

    by hailmary

    Problems with Grid

    I could just be crazy but - Grid has a Clamp to screen option - if it was all over the place depending on group sizes its because the layout moved it off the screen and viewporter & skinner did some...
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    no and no

    the people who developed wow also did rift ... the games are almost identical as far as the outer flesh of them ... talent trees and so forth .. so to say it would be taking from them would be...
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    i think after playing rift that the flexible system of talent trees just makes more sense. i play a dk and i spend plenty of money trying to tailor myself in arena for 2s and 3s matches with...
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    It seems like it should be easier to push through...

    It seems like it should be easier to push through to better gear sooner... as far as raiding goes my guess is the raider is not going to convert valor to conquest ... which would be the reason to not...
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    ... there are so many things to say about changes...

    ... there are so many things to say about changes that could be made to wow.. the money could obviously go to different ways of improving the game .. it seems as if the content should have improved...
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