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    Tanking Warrior Rotations

    Hey I posted Halp thread a while back, and I still need help Understanding how to play my character better. The problem is that I'm having trouble keeping Threat on multiple mobs when doing Heroics,...
  2. Tanking Ah My Rotation, Is ussally Tclap, Shockwave,...

    Ah My Rotation, Is ussally Tclap, Shockwave, cleave,SS, rev if nesscasary, Tclap to start it over. I'm not sure of the dps of the Party since I've been doing a lot of randoms since starting to play...
  3. Tanking Losing Aggro to quickly on easy Heroics

    this is my first time post so I hope it doesn't get taken down and I asked Properly. So basically the problem is that my Prot Warrior tank is having trouble keeping aggro and I'm not sure why that...
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