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  1. Priest 346 with spirt vs. 359 with out spirit - Holy Priest

    I keep reading "everything should have spirit as a secondary stat" but does that extend upward to the next class of items?

    For example the whole range of 359 "dps caster" purple gear, which...
  2. Warrior thanks for the advice. Maybe take that one point...

    thanks for the advice. Maybe take that one point out of Vigilance, so few people ever ask for it.
  3. Warrior hiya


    Seems my guild is allergic to bothering with hard modes (and doesnt like ulduar in general).

    I was wondering what crafting patterns are in ICC? Anything good?

    the resilience gems...
  4. Warrior Crafted & 5 Man Upgrades for me? (gems and enchants also)


    L80 Warrior. I think i have pretty much fully farmed my tanking gear. Could somone take a look and let me know if there is any better 5 man, or crafted gear i can still get that are...
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