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  1. US Stormrage12/13 HM Recruiting 17 raid teams

    Now 13/13 HToT!

    We have multiple raid teams with various raid times and raid styles focusing on end game content raiding. Considering all our raid schedules are very light, we expect our raid...
  2. US Stormrage11/13 HM Recruiting 17 raid teams

    We are forming a second horde raid team in our horde guild. Schedule it TBA. If interested, contact Roxos on alliance side or Necrovarson on Horde side!

    Keyboard Turners lies between a casual and...
  3. US [A] [Greymane] Tempus Fugit is recruiting

    Tempus Fugit is looking for some experienced raiders to strengthen our progression raiding team. We're an adult group raiding M,T,Th 7-10 pm (Central time).

    We're looking for motivated players...
  4. US {A} Greymane adult 10 man raiding guild

    We are recruiting to fill in our 10 man progression team. We are currently 3/12 and are in search of a tank, healer and ranged dps.

    Our current raiding schedule is Sunday, 6 -10 pm; and Monday, 7...
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    US [A] Greymane

    Is looking for a non-warrior tank to join our 10 man 11/12 ICC progression team. The ideal candidate would have raiding experience, be mature and personable, and willing to learn our strats. We...
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    US [A] Greymane

    Sound of Inevitability is now recruiting for ICC/TOC 10-mans. We are a raiding guild focused on having fun and making the most of the game. We are focused on raid progression, but many of us have...
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