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  1. US [A] Phoenix Resurrection, Doomhammer, 10/25 casual raiding

    We are looking for adult raiders who don't want to spend every night of the week in a raid but want to see endgame content. We have both a 10 and 25 man raid with spots open for both. 10 man will be...
  2. US [A]Phoenix Resurrection US LvL25 LF Resto Druid/Shaman and/or Holy Pally for 25 man

    Phoenix Resurrection on the Doomhammer US server has a couple of opening for a mature accomplished healer to fill our 25 man raid roster. We raid Wed, 6-8 pm Sat and Sun 4-8 pm pst. We provide...
  3. US [A]Phoenix Resurrection 11/12N LF Resto Druid

    Phoenix Resurrection<Doomhammer-US> is looking for a Resto Druid or Holy Paladin to fill out our 25 man raids. We raid Wed nights 7-9 , Sat and Sun 5-9 mst. We supply flasks food and repairs for all...
  4. US Doomahmmer-US-Alliance, Phoenix Resurrection-Raiding guild

    (A) Phoenix Resurrection Doomhammer Level 25, 10/12 25 man normal, is looking for a resto druid to fill our main raid group. Must have a min ilvl of 345 and know at least the first 2 fights in BWD...
  5. I love the weekly marmot, you all do a great job.

    I love the weekly marmot, you all do a great job.
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