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    Paladin Norton was good, back when it was the only...

    Norton was good, back when it was the only antivirus. And in terms of investing in a "whole security" system, those packages will give a typical consumer more problems than it's worth. IE: blocking...
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    Death Knight Tanking @ 60

    I've looked everywhere for good info, and so far I haven't turned up a lot. I started a DK with hopes of it being more fun than a pally, and me being a not so bad DPS when I get bored. Anyway, I...
  3. Druid I'm Having Threat Issues, Please Help Me Understand Why

    OK, so first off, I have two sets of issues. One is in 5 man heroics, and one is in ICC 10/25. My threat has been an issue, and I think it's simply because of my rotation. I didn't know imp mangle...
  4. Druid I checked last night, the cheapest I saw was...

    I checked last night, the cheapest I saw was 1800. Still a bit pricy, am hoping to see more today. Otherwise I'll just pick it up. Plus this ring, I don't expect it to be cheap but I plan on watching...
  5. Druid How do I gem/socket it?

    How do I gem/socket it?
  6. Druid Knightbane Carapace vs Runetotem's Rainments of Triumph

    I'm pitting the two 245 chests against each other. In my attempt to catch up with the rest of the WoW players, I did a GDKP run last night of ToC25 and made out with 3 trophys and a new cloak (Pride...
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