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  1. Challenge accepted.

    Challenge accepted.
  2. Guide on Tanking Neferian Adds, Heroic and Normal

    Hey to all you lovely tankspot bunch. I recently made a video on how I tank nef while on the adds. Probs should have made it a little earlier when but anyway here it is and I hope it can help anyone...
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    YouTube Warrior Guides and all around Fun

    I've started uploading some videos of me with commentary of me on my warrior doing heroics and raids and everything in between. as most of you know when you're in good gear sitting in a city doing...
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    Funniest Video On Youtube

    LOLOLOLOLOL this is a classic
  5. Tanking My Attempt on a Warrior aoe guide video

    this is my video i made and i would just like some kind of feedback on things i may have forgotten or anything ive said that is incorrect. this is not...
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