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  1. Support: Class Idea

    So I understand your views on the class Idea, But I was thinking more on the Lines of the class being role support in spec, exp:

    Much like Holy priests use chakra for incresses on , dps, direct...
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    Heroic Ninjas...

    First off Hes absolutely right, this is the internet were talking about so getting your ms loot in a random is just that, " random". But I do feel there are a few ways you can stop this from...
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    Hi, Ive been a long time watcher of Tankspot, and...

    Hi, Ive been a long time watcher of Tankspot, and Gamebreaker tv. fan. And I'm very happy to see the new Legendary podcast from epi one. But I've never posted something until now.
    I feel I should...
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