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  1. thats not the sound i'm talking about, its a...

    thats not the sound i'm talking about, its a whoosh noise, unlike the "that ability is not ready yet" error sound. its the sound of your GCD or CDs being locked up and not able to use an ability.
  2. addon to block the whoosh sound when an ability is on cd, or gcd is not finished?

    I know its a silly thing to ask but i usually played WoW with my game sounds off, but i've recently wanted to try enjoying the game with sounds just to see what its like, however the annoying whoosh...
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    heroic strike/revenge devastate macro?

    Is there a way to make a macro for heroic strike string to abilities such as revenge, or devastate in situations when i am over 50 rage? basically modify the ability to only be used when i am...
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