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  1. Healing Thank you to the first replier, I've found this...

    Thank you to the first replier, I've found this Dr. Robot website you've linked me to be very, very useful. It seems like I've got some serious reforging to go on with.

    But I don't see...
  2. Healing I'm using way too much mana as a resto druid in raids.

    First, my name is Amuynaga in the Frostmourne realm. is my

    I've finished 7 boss fights. Strangely enough, I did very good on...
  3. Druid Very lame, optical illusion-type WoW question


    ...Remind you of anything?
  4. Druid HEy ty guys, and yeah I was saying that people...

    HEy ty guys, and yeah I was saying that people requires 5.4k gs for 6 boss runs and yet they fail at Lady deathwhisper. Haha. And Currently I'm out of money..I'm transmuting gems to farm money! Ty!
  5. Druid My realm has got high GS expectations for ICC :(

    That's my armory address and my gs ( although not many ppl like this, sorry ) is 5.1k. My realm requires like up to 5.4k gs for...
  6. Druid I really need to meet the ICC requirements as a resto druid, any gear suggetions?

    That's my gears, I'm going to get T9 legs with my emblems/ a healing ring with my emblem too. But I couldnt find upgrades for...
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    Druid Fresh 80 resto druid - how to gear up?

    OK I'm new to this game ( The other 80 is not mine, only a brothers) and I dinged 80. My bro gave me some crafted pieces, 1500gold and nothing else. He wants me to do it all by myself. I healed...
  8. Healing How to level up as a resto druid in Northrend and what gears to get when 80?

    I am sorry for posting again..but I think I hadn't made myself clear on the first one. I was asking that

    1. how I should level as a resto druid between 70~80, when I had Dual spec , and my...
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    Druid Druid resto leveling 70~80. What to do?

    I've got dual spec, and other one is balance. Is doing infinite loops of instance good to level?
    Another question is that I have 4k gold. When I ding 80, I'm planning to get some resto gears...
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    Tanking I like my blood spec, so no. Who would say no to...

    I like my blood spec, so no. Who would say no to 20% melee haste and 10% atk power?
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    Tanking DK TANK GS 5586, what gears to get?

    I am a DK tank with gs of 5586(trinket Corpse tongue coin and Corroded Skeleton key). I have ben having some lucky drops this week that my gs has rised by 300..But I decided that I want it to be at...
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    Death Knight I NEED GOLD to get my crafted boots.

    I'm trying to get Boots of Kingly Upheaveal ,because it's hard for me to go up to Sindragosa or Valithria Dreamwalker. So I decided I could get those crafted ones. I am a DK tank, with no dps gears....
  13. Tanking WHat should I buy with my frost emblems and trophy?

    Someone answered me 95 emblems chest..but I Thought , hey, i just looted a trophy - could that change anything? So I decided to post again..any suggestions?
  14. Tanking frost emblems what to buy? 5249 gs DK tank
    this is my armory link..what should I buy with my next 60 frost badges :D?

    Thanks in advance.

    I just got a trophy too....
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    Tanking Looking for ANY advice I could have.

    Looking for any advice I could have for tanking. Especially with gears to roll for at ICC10( or even other raids like TOC or even heroics), and ICC10 tanking strategies/ blood,frost AOE tanking...
  16. Tanking Death knight tanking..5226 gs, not good enough for HPoS?

    Hey guyz, I am Tharic. I was looking for my thread I posted before...but I couldn't find it. Thanks for the people who answered. I have 1 more problem that popped up.

    Great, I am using nice spec,...
  17. Tanking DK AoE aggro/threat problem, need advise for Festergut

    Hello, my name is Tharic. this is my armory

    I just had some threat issues with both of my talents ( only AoE), and some...
  18. Tanking Thnx for answer, Selene, but As I told I am not...

    Thnx for answer, Selene, but As I told I am not in a state to buy crafted stuff, since I am lacking money..any other suggestions? (bump)
  19. Tanking DK tank looking for a way to raise my GS from 5000, without ICC!

    Hello, my name is Tharic. I've been stuck on GS 5076, because there are rarely ToC25man raids here, and 90% of the ICC10 group want 5.5k+ GS, which I think is being too elitists. But you know, I'll...
  20. Tanking I-just-got-itno-ICC tank looking for advice

    I just entered ICC10 guild run today, and tanked 4 bosses succesfully - but I just noticed, I needed a little bit more hp and armour to tank festergut proerly. Are there any upgrades I can get? Any...
  21. Tanking Earning money with daily quests and farming Frost emblems

    Hello, I've been lvl 80 for more than 3 weeks now, and I discovered that I am not earning too much gold when I need lots of expensive stuff like Primordinal Saronite for my crafted gears. And I was...
  22. Tanking Death Knight tankingk, getting geared for ICC10

    D: this is my Armory link.

    As the title shows, I am thriving to tank ICC10, but as you can guess no one will take unbuffed...
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    Tanking Frost DW tank ..Afraid of Gearing
    Hello, straightforward, the above link is my Tank's Talent. As you can see, I am dual wielding but I am lacking of hit rating....
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