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  1. Tanking Thank you, the rotation was worrying me a bit,...

    Thank you, the rotation was worrying me a bit, but that seems like what I used to do, just with thunderclap and rend thrown in.
  2. Tanking Warrior returning to Tanking in 4.0.3/cataclysm.

    I was a tanking warrior untill around ICC, where my low gear (only got to endgame around end of Naxx and begining to ulduar) finally reduced me into needing to do DPS, however with the oncoming...
  3. Tanking Need Advice for Warrior Tanking Multiple Mobs/Raids

    Hello, Rothide the Undead Warrior here from the Kirin Tor Server.

    I have been having a bit of trouble tanking multiple mobs with my Warrior. I'm basically looking for any tips/improvements I could...
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