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    beta beta beta

    beta beta beta
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    Warrior Warrior Hit cap Precison x3 vs Execute

    I was wondering about the hit cap. Its 163, if u put 3 points in Precision to get 8.5% hit, but I am currently 9.5% Hit. I Changed my spec around so i didn't use Precision X3 so i get more out of...
  3. Warrior With herkuml, i actually get 100+ dps (after...

    With herkuml, i actually get 100+ dps (after regemming to +20, +34 arp, 11 slots)
    9475.5(with Herkuml + regemmed) vs. 9364.7 (with NES, gemmed how i currently am) vs 9399.7 (fixing gems how i...
  4. Warrior Fury Warrior almost maxxed out: Herkuml War Token vs. Needle Encrusted Scorpion

    To get down to it, I don't know where my next upgrade is going to be. Honestly, the only upgrade currently is getting Herkuml War Token, with my Needle Encrusted Scorpion. I don't want to upgrade my...
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