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  1. Warrior Help with Arms Warrior Threat Issue

    Started by grizlee‎, 03-24-2011 10:16 AM
    Last Post: 03-25-2011 07:41 PM
    by 1stormchaser  Go to last post
  2. Druid Cloak of Thredd vs Wrap of the Great Turtle for Bear Tank

    Started by grizlee‎, 03-23-2011 08:51 AM
    Last Post: 03-24-2011 06:44 AM
    by seaeagle  Go to last post
  3. Death Knight Best Chimera's Eye for the Blood DK?

    Started by grizlee‎, 02-18-2011 07:30 PM
    Last Post: 03-01-2011 11:02 AM
    by Netheras  Go to last post
  4. Druid HALP for a Squishy Bear?!?

    Started by grizlee‎, 02-17-2011 11:06 AM
    Last Post: 02-17-2011 06:21 PM
    by insanebinn  Go to last post
  5. Druid Building a Kitty Off-set

    Started by grizlee‎, 02-13-2011 11:34 AM
    Last Post: 02-15-2011 09:05 AM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
  6. Druid Am I doing it right? Re Bear

    Started by grizlee‎, 02-11-2011 05:24 PM
    Last Post: 02-13-2011 03:16 PM
    by Perrian  Go to last post
  7. Last Post: 01-26-2011 09:53 PM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
  8. Druid DPS in Tank Spec (being a kitty in bear's clothing)

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-14-2010 08:26 AM
    Last Post: 07-25-2010 10:08 AM
    by kungfugrip  Go to last post
  9. Paladin Starting to Dungeon with low level healadin?

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-23-2010 02:17 PM
    Last Post: 07-23-2010 02:17 PM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
  10. Druid Resto Druid: Stormrage Antlers vs Malfurion vs Abundant Growth

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-15-2010 07:48 PM
    Last Post: 07-21-2010 10:38 AM
    by Eyesonly_dk  Go to last post
  11. Druid Bear Tank Battle Res Macro Question

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-16-2010 10:10 AM
    Last Post: 07-17-2010 12:02 PM
    by Quinafoi  Go to last post
  12. Pitbull Raid Setup

    Started by grizlee‎, 06-29-2010 06:57 PM
    Last Post: 07-10-2010 08:07 AM
    by CatabriOnEarthen  Go to last post
  13. How do you decide what toon to try next?

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-08-2010 08:04 PM
    Last Post: 07-10-2010 03:43 AM
    by desolation0  Go to last post
  14. Tanking A Tale of 3 Rings - abom bloody v clutch v ashen

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-07-2010 08:47 PM
    Last Post: 07-08-2010 11:27 AM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
  15. Moving with Logitech G13 joystick

    Started by grizlee‎, 06-29-2010 06:51 PM
    Last Post: 07-07-2010 01:46 PM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
  16. Druid Gear for a Bear to look out for in ICC 10N

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-05-2010 03:13 PM
    Last Post: 07-06-2010 11:09 AM
    by Tschus  Go to last post
  17. Druid Biggest Upgrade or T10 for a bear tank

    Started by grizlee‎, 06-11-2010 09:25 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    Last Post: 07-06-2010 10:25 AM
    by Kazeyonoma  Go to last post
  18. Druid Bear Off Tanking, Rage, or how I twiddle my thumbs

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-03-2010 06:42 PM
    Last Post: 07-04-2010 01:29 AM
    by uglybbtoo  Go to last post
  19. Druid Bear using Kitty to Drop Threat

    Started by grizlee‎, 07-01-2010 06:40 AM
    Last Post: 07-03-2010 02:55 PM
    by joe1010011010  Go to last post
  20. Druid Bear Head: Lethal Intent vs T9+4 Piece Bonus

    Started by grizlee‎, 06-14-2010 06:51 PM
    Last Post: 06-15-2010 05:17 AM
    by Crittable  Go to last post
  21. Druid Where do I need to upgrade first?

    Started by grizlee‎, 05-21-2010 10:50 AM
    Last Post: 05-21-2010 10:50 AM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
  22. Druid Tank Macro's and other advice

    Started by grizlee‎, 05-18-2010 07:30 AM
    Last Post: 05-19-2010 05:30 AM
    by geeksbsmrt  Go to last post
  23. Too many choices too cluttered an interface

    Started by grizlee‎, 05-18-2010 08:55 AM
    Last Post: 05-18-2010 09:33 AM
    by grizlee  Go to last post
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