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  1. ANyone with any advice in putting together a...

    ANyone with any advice in putting together a group and what should i use meaning specs like pallys or warrior, ect pls appriciate the help im dieing to set this up lol.. A group for icc 10 man normal...
  2. RAIDNG--ICC Looking for the best10man group

    HI im currently in a guild and its a casual guild.. The only thing is im a little more then casual so my thing is i am not looking for a hardcore group but i am looking for a hardcore 10 man group...
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    Warrior arp pen is big thing the way it goes for me is...

    arp pen is big thing the way it goes for me is right now my arp rating is at 716 and i have the trinket needles encrusted which i have a chance to hi 1394 rating on my arp ... you dont wanna be over...
  4. Thread: warrior dps

    by rambo2345

    DPS warrior dps

    so i was wondering how the new talent tree will work .. I kind of understand that they are making it easier for the players to upgrade ur character my shortening the talent tree .. so was wondering...
  5. Thread: Warrior DPS

    by rambo2345

    Warrior Warrior DPS

    i just wanna know whats the key to warrio dps is it armor pen gems or strenght gems ??
    what will increase ur dps as a human warrior
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