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    Tanking Unholy tank reporting in. My aoe threat is...

    Unholy tank reporting in.

    My aoe threat is generally better than blood, but I still struggle to NOT die during said area. IBF is my lover during this pull. I don't think I've ever not popped it,...
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    Forge of souls pulls. Need tips.

    I'm an Unholy Death Knight and for the most part retaining aggro in heriocs is child's play. I am a smidge harder to heal than a typical tank, but not having to deal with mobs being pulls off of me...
  3. Tanking Trying to make unholy tank. I need advice on pretty much everything

    due to the way my realm is (there are no 25 man guilds on alliance side anymore, all progress being made in 25 man is by 3 guilds...
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