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    Sticky: Addon Identification Requests

    I, like you, used SBF for a loooong time. It wasn't updated for 4.1 but worked, however, 4.2, is a different story as I think it was the source of all the lua errors and fps drops in raids.

  2. anyones fps went to hell since they logged in?

    No, it's not my Mac either, like I said with no addons it runs great, and I've been slowly putting addons back into play. it's a newer 27" core i7 iMac. Got 40-50 fps before patch, get that now,...
  3. anyones fps went to hell since they logged in?

    Heh, yeah, I know I am not going to do either of those, cause neither one is the problem. ;)

    game runs fine with no addons, and in non raid situations runs fine with several restored. Only in...
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    Raiding Issue.

    Hmmm, two posts with very little to say and an ad at the bottom to buy gold.....

    Ohhhh Kaz! Yoo hoo! Go get that ban hammer all polished up.

    I sense a good one here. :)

    (waits in...
  5. anyones fps went to hell since they logged in?

    Further report, tried argoloth today with pitbull disabled, seems it isn't just pitbull, had to disable all addons to finish instance. 0.6 FPS!! yep not a typo. Became a clicker for the last...
  6. anyones fps went to hell since they logged in?

    My problem seems to be with pitbull. Disabled it and I don't drop framerates at all. Trouble is pitbull is updated for 4.2 and I installed it and when I went to some bg's. framerates went from 55 to...
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    Know of any good speakers?

    Bose companion 3 - $224 at Bose website right now

    Prolly lower at Costco or BJ's, where I got mine around $199 if memory serves correctly. Adjustable sub level to balance the sound how you like...
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    Three word game

    Thank the Maker!
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    Tanking most viable tank+dps+pvp

    The answer is really simple, like Loganisis said, whatever you find the easiest and most fun to play.

    As a warrior, I can do AOE tank, single target tank, DPS and PvP in both Prot and Fury...
  10. SONG: Elysiam Guild - "I'm OOM (Innervate me)

    Much better than anticipated. Very creative, I like it.
  11. Tanking Warrior: difficuty targetting enemies during chaos and aoe's

    Sounds like you want Grid but for bad guys. Good idea, I think you are looking for Aloft. That may handle your needs.
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    DPS Warrior Fury - Is this correct?

    I respectfully disagree, reforging to chicken does not take into the amount of taste you lose. Add sausage and pepperoni, unless vegetarian specced, then reforge all meat to onions peppers and...
  13. How would I go about looking a hardcore guild as a tank?

    As lore said in a PST a few episodes ago, if you are thinking of leaving, tell your guild now, not later and explain why.

    Have a talk with GM. They will most likely understand, but I wouldn't...
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    Time to Address the Tank Queueing Problem

    I suspect the guild recruitments you see are mostly for raiding guilds. Which usually always have enough tanks. Random heroics are run by more people than raids are. So there is a far larger...
  15. Transfering character's to fix UI

    Hah! Genius! Not that I need it right not but that seems like a nice tip and good to know.
  16. Tanking Where are all of the Fast Tanking Weapons??

    Everything is now an instant attack, so there are no more on next swing attacks for cleave or heroic strike. Therefore no need for fast weps.
  17. Thread: Friday

    by Mäcintosh


    No! LOL I feared the worst and already had that damned song starting to infiltrate my senses.....

    Need to go listen to Volbeat or Stone Sour or ANYTHING else to get that crud out of my mind...
  18. Transfering character's to fix UI

    You are on a different realm now, most addons have a profile feature, go into addon, go to profile, copy the profile of your "character name-old realm" in drop down list an voila. Should do the...
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    Darnell - prot nurfs

    My initial thoughts on that are in pvp it would hurt more than pve, I don't get much rage from SR as I do from raid bosses pounding me. :) so I dunno, maybe not so much in pve but I can see it...
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    Darnell - prot nurfs

    Well, yes you're talking about only one aspect of the game and there's more to this game than just rated bg's.
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    Darnell - prot nurfs

    Most? No, The daze allows us to save points and use them somewhere else other than trying to get to piercing howl.

    It's a really great tool I used a lot in bg's and world pvp and in raiding. ...
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    Need help with prot warrior pvp!

    No, just a different way of playing and contributing. It depends on how you like to pvp.
  23. Addon that announces to party/raid, when I get stunned/disoriented/cc'ed .

    K, I'm giving up, I only have major addons, thought it was a small addon. Can't figure out what it was or where I got it.

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  24. Addon that announces to party/raid, when I get stunned/disoriented/cc'ed .

    There is an addon, I have it, I don't know what it's called but puts stuff like shockwaved and how long in party or raid chat... Just can't seem to figure out what addon does it...LOL

    I'll look...
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    Warrior Fury Warrior (Orc)

    My recommendation is to reroll ally... :D LoL I kill me....

    J/K :)

    I agree with above a little bit. Level to 85 first, spec how you think it should be done along the way, then when you...
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