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    US Thrall 3/6

    Hello all. Incident is a group of old school guys that go back to vanilla
    looking to kick start things again. we are all adults and run a mature guild.
    If this interest you or want to know more...
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    US Toons Looking for a Guild

    So i represent a few people that are looking for a standard progression guild and are willing to transfer servers

    Avail Mon-Weds evening
    Currently of Dark Iron
    myself (tank) Carlyse
    Hunter Ludi...
  3. US ** [A] Dark Iron 10/12 Looking to Fill Raid and Prepare for Firelands**

    <Hopes Fate> The Guild
    Hopes Fate, one of Dark Iron's oldest and most veteran guilds, is committed to providing a framework for players of multiple outlooks to thrive. With a history of Raiding from...
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