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  1. Shaman Enhancement: Looking for general help and advice on hitting lvl 80

    Hi people,

    Been leveling a shammy and not paying to much attention to gear, talents, etc but now I am nearly lvl 80 can anyone offer any basic advice on gearing, talents, reputations, etc, etc?
  2. Tanking Warrior tanking advice - Gear, talents, gemming, etc.

    Fairly new to serious tanking and currently OT for ICC10 with my guild - first four bosses and Festergut at the...
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    Warrior Battered hilt quest chain

    Ok so I've checked with the search and I can't find a discussion about this so if I've missed it someone please point me in the right direction.

    The battered hilt dropped for me last night and I...
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    DPS I had this drop on me last night and am currently...

    I had this drop on me last night and am currently nearing the end of the quest chain - what sword do you recomend for a fury warrior?
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