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  1. Tanking Re: What is the best opening rotation for DK Tanks on multiple targets or mobs ?

    Downside to outbreak first is that it doesn't generate the threat if dps jumps right in as they seem to do especially in random heroic pugs. I have a few different "rotations" and they are all...
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    Death Knight Re: New to tanking as DK

    DK tanking is awesome. You really need to get the threat generation from bb and or dnd before spreading diseases. Frost fever from icy touch is your best opening disease as the "slowing" ability then...
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    Re: BFF Report - RIFT - Dungeon Guide

    I installed it and had my hdd crash before I could play. Latest patch was installing. Maybe i'll get to try it this weekend.

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  4. at what level and point should we consider...

    at what level and point should we consider sacrificing bonus stats from say ICC/ H ICC gear and T10 for the increase in stam/str/ gem slots versus no gem slots. I have been holding items and...
  5. Love the guide so far, looking forward to...

    Love the guide so far, looking forward to updates. Nearing 83 on my DK as we speak and will try a few random thoughts and post my findings when available if anyone needs something that may not be...
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