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    I do think thats why he enjoys the warrior so...

    I do think thats why he enjoys the warrior so much; the effort it takes makes it all the more interesting. ;-)
    And I'd have to agree. Have a MS Blood tank (has been Frost/Blood/Frost off n on...
  2. DPS Is it me just being an ass or [FURY] is a bit underpowered?

    So, I've been playing my Fury warrior for about 2 years now. I know the basics, I know the rotation.
    I'm in pretty decent gear.. 245-251-264 bits.

    Is it normal for my dps (sunderbotting though)...
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    DPS WTS; Expertise.

    Alright, so. Here's the deal.
    510 hit, 42/42 expertise. Untill I got the Scorp + toc5 normal Banner of Victory.
    345 hit 42/42 expertise now.
    All my other gear is quite superior I'd say to those...
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