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  1. Tanking Don't know if you're still looking for advice but...

    Don't know if you're still looking for advice but here are my 2 cents, first and foremost work on your hit and expertise because without either of those you'll "miss" "dodge" "parry" thus building no...
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    Arms Warrior in 2s Help

    I'm trying every avenue I can possibly think of. If this post seems like I'm crying I really do apologize. I'm looking for advice and tips in this matter. I run with a boomkin for 2s and honestly we...
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    Tanking Warrior tps help. Any ideas?

    I've been a warrior tank for almost 3yrs now and love it very much. I never had a problem holding threat over anyone until I started raiding ICC. Here's my current setup and any input would be...
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