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    Druid Druid Gearing

    Hello again Tankspot, ive reached a dilema with my druid and can't seem to decide what piece of gear to get with my frosts, from what i heard i only need 2 pieces of t10 as a druid healer, this being...
  2. Paladin usually its...

    usually its Judgement>CS>DS>Exorcism>CS>Judgement>DS you think id do better if i got 2 pieces of t9? cuz i have 85 frost and am getting my 2nd t10 soon
  3. Paladin sorry copied the link wrong :p ...

    sorry copied the link wrong :p
  4. Paladin Paladin DPS I think im facerolling my keyboard wrong

    Hi Tankspot! I need some help on how to get my dps higher for my ret pally. At the moment my GS is 5.6k and i dont really have a set rotation, i just hit whatever is not on CD, here is my armory for...
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