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  1. I can not emphasize enough how much better the...

    I can not emphasize enough how much better the BigWigs Shadowblaze timer is. DBM does such a bad job of this that I actually learned to tank this phase by ignoring the DBM warnings and do it by eye...
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    Warrior Fury Warrior with low DPS

    I'm having a few issues with my Fury DPS. It's good enough for heroics and raids, but it's nowhere near what I'd expect from my gear (almost full 359). In a heroic Vortex Pinnacle just then an Arms...
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    Tanking Heroic Deadmines - Admiral Ripsnarl

    I'm having some trouble getting/keeping the Vapors on me. I'm a Warrior tank. The issue seems to be with the large distance between Vapor spawns and the way they die/spawn so quickly that half the...
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