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    Death Knight Tanking help with a DK

    haven't touched my dk since cata came out hes lvl 82 and just curious of what i should be doing on opening up engagements in raids and dungeons my guild is needing tanks and i have a Warr and Paladin...
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    Rogue forgot to add my wowarmory so link is to my rogue...

    forgot to add my wowarmory so link is to my rogue
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    Rogue Rogue Dps Help plz

    First time ive made a rogue and havent touched him since Wotlk so ive completely forgot how to play him been spending all my time on my warrior and paladin, wanting to see if im using the right...
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    Ret Pally Assistance Please

    First Time PvPer got the basics down and pretty sure i got my Talent tree down good just need help with Gemming and Enchants and glyphs to make sure would appreciate any help

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    Paladin First Time Pally

    This is my First pally tank and ive done a great tanking job from the beginning but for some reason i feel like maybe im slacking some what cause i keep getting aggro pulled off by a warrior or dk...
  6. Warrior
    Is my new since the past few days
    and just to help everyone so they can help me better

    Hit 13.52%
    Haste 9.15%
    Crit Chance...
  7. Warrior Thanks ill take a look into all of that

    Thanks ill take a look into all of that
  8. Warrior Needing Some help guys would appreciate all the help i can get

    Is my Warrior, I'm trying to get Raid ready for my guild but and having concerns cause in heroics and in BH i've only been...
  9. Death Knight Made my first DK and finally got him to 80 need help with rotations and talents

    im literally confused ive heard so many rumors of which dps is best Unholy, Frost, Blood.... im stuck trying to figure out which one is best can someone please help me right now im blood specced and...
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    Druid First Cat Dps Druid

    Hey guys need some help made my first Cat Dps druid the other day alrdy lvl 26 almost 27 and want to make sure im on the right track and if my talents are in the right spots and would like to know...
  11. Thread: Best Dps ?

    by Zaknafien88

    Death Knight Best Dps ?

    I just made my first Death knight and im trying to figure out what is the best rotation/tree to go into for doin the highest amount of Dps... i enjoy my fury warrior but wanted to try a DK since i...
  12. DPS Does Anyone Know The Current Str = Attack power ?

    I'm currently trying to figure out if anyone knows how much Attack Power a Night Elf Warrior gets out of each Str to see if its better off Geming Attack Power Or Geming Str can anyone let me know...
  13. Warrior lol thanks logan ill keep that in mind TB in H...

    lol thanks logan ill keep that in mind TB in H PoS and RA in H ToC ive also been told about a sword in HoC not heroic supposidly dropped by the final boss called something like mourning something...
  14. Warrior thanks you guys.. thanks mell ive already been...

    thanks you guys.. thanks mell ive already been lookin at that guide thats why i ended up registering here to see if i could get any more information and thanks logan ill start runnin H ToC for the...
  15. Warrior Need Help Wondering Why im not Dpsing like i should

    Hi Everyone...
    i just started playing WoW again after taking a break for a whole year...and just joined a pretty good raid guild... i was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem.. ive seen...
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