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    From my experience you need a melee that can...

    From my experience you need a melee that can taunt to take break stacks to ensure that a tank has 0 break stacks for the feud stage, a dk or a ret pala seem best (I play frost dk and do it in my...
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    DK UI Improvments Needed :)

    Hey guys, my UI is a work in progress I honestly believe I will never be completely happy with it. Recently however I am beginning to become fond of the majority of things on it however I'm sure it...
  3. Death Knight UH DK Going for A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity. Advice please :)

    Hey guys, as the title suggests me and a few guild members are going for the achievement in TOC10man HC which rewards the title "Argent Defender". I have put together a set of gear for UH DK that I...
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