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  1. Warrior Is anyone else glad Blizz got rid of Armor Pen????

    I know armor pen was supposed to be so great for a lot of classes. Personally I'm glad it's gone. I never gemmed for ArmP with my warrior. Once I heard they were getting rid of Armp in Cata I was...
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    yeah but if you go BS/JC then you get 3 extra...

    yeah but if you go BS/JC then you get 3 extra slots from BS and can put 3 Dragon's eyes in them. meaning you get 153 stamina in 3 prismatic slots. so its way worth it to roll both if you have the...
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    37,298 Is...

    Is the prot build I will be going with for cata. I guess the 2 points i put into Booming voice could go into rude interruptions or battle trance....
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