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Though we're a close community, developed and managed by the same team that founded the site, our daily traffic has exploded since the launch of our video guides. TankSpot's absolute unique visitors in October, 2009, would have made it the 18th largest city in the United States. We're extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this!


Advertising only supports a small part of our monthly costs. Making a donation to TankSpot allows us to continue our work in creating new content for the community and continuing to improve on the services we provide. In return, we actively work to offer great benefits and an exclusive community for our donors!

If you love TankSpot and enjoy our content, please consider making a donation!

Patrick O'Callahan, "Ciderhelm"


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Donor Benefits

Making a donation offers many awesome services and a special community of donors which make your experience here much more enjoyable. You'll get what you pay for and more! All Donors receive:

  1. Movie Downloads. Our movie collection is available to Donors for direct download in 720p HD resolution (WMV).
  2. Prominent Guild Recruitment. You will be able to post recruitment threads and articles on behalf of your guild (subject to community rules).
  3. Ad-free Service. All advertising on TankSpot forums will automatically be turned off.
  4. Donor Forums. Our most active and lively forums will be available to you... and the "Compilation of All That is Awesome" will keep you busy for days.
  5. Attractive Blue Username. Visitors will recognize your contribution to our community thanks to a prominent blue username
  6. Avatars & Signatures. You will have permissions to upload avatars and add signatures to your posts that help identify you in the community.

It's important to note that our annual subscriptions are non-recurring. In other words, you will not be charged after your subscription has expired. However, we find that most expired subscriptions have been renewed by donors looking to continue their benefits and interaction with the unique donor community.


Please note: All of the above services require that you make a donation as a registered user here on TankSpot; this allows the system to automatically identify your account and upgrade it. If you make an anonymous donation, please send me a private message with the e-mail address you used to make the payment if you'd like your account upgraded!



Downloadable Movies

Most movies we post to YouTube will simultaneously be posted as high-definition donor downloads here on the site. Though we provide the movies for free through streaming video sources such as YouTube, a centralized source for downloadable HD versions of our movies are a great way for visitors to get more out of their experience.

Most movies are provided in 720p resolution, or 1280 x 720 on your monitor. They are compatible with any device that can play WMV files. We tend to include any movies that are relevant to the current content expansion. Sometimes we include off-topic movies or cinematic movies as well.


If you're not sure whether a movie is available for download, check out where you watched it! If it was on YouTube, we always include a link at the bottom of the movie information (you'll need to expand!) when a movie is available for download. We also include a notification in our dedicated threads and articles here at TankSpot. Movies are generally only not available if they are not officially produced by TankSpot or if they're severely dated.



Guild Recruitment

Being a donor gives you access to post new threads on our guild recruitment forums. Threads made in these forums fall under a few restrictions:

  1. Threads can be posted every month. When a recruitment post expires, you are welcome to post a new thread.
  2. Threads cannot be bumped. Once a post is made it will stay in the chronological position it was posted in. This eliminates the need to bump your thread every few minutes to stay visible.
  3. Recruitment pages are forever. Recruitment threads posted on the forums automatically create recruitment pages. So long as you are a donor on the site, your dedicated recruitment page will be available for you to use unless you decide to remove it. Even if your recruitment thread was posted over a month ago (per rule #1), you are still welcome to revise and maintain that thread if you'd like the dedicated recruitment page to remain current. You are, of course, also welcome to start using a newer page created from a newer thread as well.

Since posting in the recruitment forums is restricted to site donors, recruitment threads remain visible for much longer.





We have an excellent track record in availability of all of the services above. However, benefits should not be viewed as purchases but as gifts we provide out of respect for your patronage. In the event of a server emergency, any of the above services may be suspended. Also, please bear in mind that all rules and policies of our site remain active -- though we'll tend to be more lenient with donors -- and actions taken on your account as a result of moderation do not allow for a refund.



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*Must be registered with ZAM Network. Registration is fast and easy (click here!). Once you're logged in, simply come back to this page and follow the link above!