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  1. I'm wondering today about instance etiquette wrt boss loot. My usual experience in instances is, when a dead boss drops an item specific to a class (cloth wearer, mail wearer, plate wearer, etc), **only** players of that class request to roll "Need." Put differently, tanks request to roll need for dropped tank gear; mages request to roll need for mage gear, warriors don't ask to need on pally plate and vice versa, etc.

    In heroic CoS yesterday, my toon was the only tank. The epic plate shoulders dropped - the ones that sell for ~3k at AH. These are clearly warrior plate shoulders (defense/expertise). I asked my party permission to roll need, got permission/no objections, and won the plate shoulders.

    I was badgered for the next ten minutes by a mage who wanted the shoulders for her "alt DK." It wasn't right for me to have them; I should let everyone roll on them, or let the mage roll on them; they sell for etc at the AH, and so on. What surprised me was nobody told the mage to be quiet. Finally, it being one of my rules never to put loot before people, I just gave the shoulders away to another toon in the party and told him to give them to the mage, surprised (among other things) by the greediness of some toon wanting a fellow player who'd won an item on a roll and already had it in his bags to be having to roll for it twice.

    I asked my guildies about it later. Unanimous concensus among my guildies was the mage was a $%^&.

    So this has me wondering. Do the rules change when a really special non-BoP piece drop in an instance?

  2. Hi.

    I'm wondering what tactics/strategy work best in heroic Gun'Drak for the first boss?

    I've seen discussions of the water strategy, the "grassy knoll" strategy in the bone chamber, the kiting up the stairs strategy, the tanking in the second boss room strategy, the tanking in the doorway strategy; which tactics seem soundest and most reliable?

    I'm having a lot of trouble with this heroic...

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