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    Hey I'm still a new member so I can't msg u often but I'm drunk and not at homr thanks though ill be on tomorrow night at all hours so hopefully we can meet up
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    you better be keepin that troll Krenian under control.
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    i NEVER see you on steam unless im up at the asscrack of dawn
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    so make a new aim name.
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    you should take more pics imo. or download aim so i can harass you more.
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    I dont have the moneys and i dont use any Zam sites so it seems not worth the $20 to me. also you have cute guinea pigs... how do you not have cute things to post?????
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    KAZZZZZZZZEEEEEE! my donorship ends the 7th. Please keep in touch with me! Be sure to bump the cuteness thread and hot women thread in honor of me!
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    yeh all my toons are still on korgath and plan on staying there. korgath has regular pugs that are just about as good as most guilds so it's my best option to see content. anywho, see you in game in a few days bro.

    and happy thanksgiving.
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    since early tbc arms has always had a better playstyle than fury imo and i've always been better at it. i was top 3 dps in junk gear (s2/crafted sword/kara offspec gear) when i didn't have to tank in hyjal/bt as arms and ppl were like wtf how?! but i don't know if i will keep my warrior as my main for cata. i didn't like healing on my shammy in wotlk so maybe dps, or dps on my dk, or tank on my druid who is 76 right now, or dps on my hunter who is 78. lol too many decisions. i'll have like a week to finish leveling my druid and hunter so i'll be able to get used to those new changes and if i like them or not.
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