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  1. /use Bloodlust Brooch
    /cast Shockwave
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    Hello xav just out of curiosity what kind of shockwave macro are you using?
  3. 1. Go into "Frames" and create a new frame named "S&B"
    2. In the settings for that frame, check "Player Buff Gains" and uncheck everything else.
    3. Still in the settings for the frame, type "Sword and Board" into the whitelist field and press 'Enter'.

    You can repeat that for every Pulse you want, if you want the pulses in different spots, like I have them. I have 3 different profiles due to the 3 different locations. If you want them all in the same spot, you can just make a generalized one and whitelist more than just the one ability.
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    I had a question about ghost: pulse and how you added the custom events for sword and board, shockwave, and consusion blow.
  5. Taints, that was AG_UF and something I only temporarily used in Beta. I use Pitbull primarily, as I prefer it. My UI can be found at http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f120/35756-xav-s-ui.html if it helps you at all.
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    what mod are you using for unit frames in this picture?

    Currently i'm altering discord unit frames to get as close to this as possible.
    (If you also used discord is it possible for you to use the discord ui extractor to save and send the profile?)

    Thanks a bunch, love the unit frames!
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    Can we get a Fraps of one of these epic threat gorefiend kills?
  8. Saw this late, oh well. to any passerbys, that was quite an old comment and prior to the implementation of Expertise. At the time, I was unable to discern a significant difference to having just LoTP as a threat-booster compared to just Windfury, as they both provided about the same benefit for me in my repeated logs. Your actual results will vary; while it may be easy for me to post up 1700+ logs now with a variety of group setups, this will not be the case for everyone.
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    Xav, in your threat post you said "LotP and Windfury totem provide a very similar threat gain - I compared multiple logs of me having one or the other, but not both, and the difference wasn't really discernable (1300+ tps for both)." Is that either LoTP alone will give 1300 tps or Windfury alone will give 1300tps? Or is that if you combine them & use LoTP & Windfury at same time then you will see 1300 tps? Thank you
  10. It still works, but I'll put an updated version up incase people were having issues.
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