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    Kuo aforementioned that the Apple iPhone 6 will include a new Apple A8 processor along with 1GB of RAM. While rival Android devices move to 2GB or equal 3GB of RAM in 2014, Apple is it sounds as if content to attachment with 1GB - From : unlocked iphone 6
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    Thank you for your time. I am mainly a Tank in my guild n a good one at that. But with the Dragon Soul raid instance out now. I need to dps as a fury warrior. (the pally tank in our guild gets boss fights I get dps when only one tank is needed) Problem is I am a lousy dps. I have great gear, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...tiarius/simple so I was hoping you might have some new videos or forums for 4.3.0 Patch. My GM told me to improve my offspec dps or I will be replaced. Help! I am only doing about 16k on boss fights. I have looked for info for 4.3.0 but have not found anything useful.
    thank you again for your time
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    I was only curious about your current gear, and was keen to look at your advanced character sheet on Battlenet, but I understand, and respect your wish for privacy. Thanks again for the work here, (that I tell people about, that stop me in the streets of Org, and ask me for advice.) Wulf.
  4. yes, I have transferred/name changed and all that sort of jazz. No I won't tell you what my name is or where I am. while it's not exactly difficult to figure that info out, the additional effort involved in contacting me in game serves as a filter so I don't have to deal with as many people asking me questions that are answered by me elsewhere.
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    have you changed server? I just tried to view you on WoW/battlenet, and couldnt see thegreatme@hyjal.

    sorry if I have made an error, but I was curious. Cheers Wulf.
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    lol this the link TGM i sent u the wrong link http://armory.molten-wow.com/charact...uph/Deathwing/
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    I need you to look at vtskunk my warrior on ashara and give me insight ive been trying religiously to attain decent dps and im struggling. Please help greatme! Also i watched the video guide and got what i could afford any and all insight is greatly appreciated!
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    Keep it up TGM, thank you for all the hard work on your guides. Oh, I'm also from Minnesota, represent.
  9. They're alright. I would have preferred things stayed the same but I'm ok with the changes for now. there's going to be a lot changing once CS gets added to our rotation though
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    hows it going TGM? iv been gone for a few months. Iv been attempting to keep up with the new warrior changes but its hard when i have no way of testing anything myself. hopefully when i get to my first duty station ill be able to pick up WoW again (casualy). How are you liking the new changes?
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