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  1. Been a LONG time since ive been on here... sadly I do not have a computer that will allow me to play wow on it for a while =( I am so so so so SO upset about it... guess it will be D&D for a while till I am back up and running... ive not even been able to play since all of the new stuff came out... it feels like 10 years without WOW. I miss my tank and my guild =( just wanted to come here for some WoW comfort =(
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    Just downed LK the other night.
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    Thats what i am pally tank OT for my guild 10/12 in ICC 10 so far
  4. My pally tank is starting to gear up!!! She is going to be pretty awesome >.<
  5. Ok, so I am close to 80 on my Druid.... veeeeeery exciting!!! I got my duel spec and went boom..... lets see how that goes. LOL. I do looove healing though, I really didnt think I would =D
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    go boomy
  7. Its been a while since ive been on TS. Oh how I have missed you, lol. In recent news I am really excited, I am lvl'ing my Druid... and she is awesome. I thought she was going to be a tank... I think I am going to go heals on that one and leave the tanking to my DK and Pally. I am only lvl 57 atm but LOVE her already. Dare I say she could even be my favorite toon??? Hmmm..... maybe
  8. I <3 3.1!!! Woohoo. Inscriptionist heaven as well >.<
  9. God I hope my guild can get it together and go kick some 25 man naxx arse! We are taking this far too slow. Too many people are thinking too much and dont have the guts to just go in and get it done!!! We have an amazing group... we just need to step it up. I hope that soon we will be on to the bigger and better things ulduar has to offer. I am amped!!!! Also... DUEL SPEC! WOOT!!!
  10. I <3 my blood elf pics >.< tyty
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