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    Hey Lore,I was wondering if it was possible for blizzard to make new servers which would be expansion and level capped, for example, a level 80 server would be just Wotlk. Or a burning crusade server where max was 70. What are your thoughts on this idea?
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    Hi lore, I was just wondering with the recent talk of larger servers like the ones they are testing on the beta, if that would cause the game to reach a "theoretical server limit" when the game is so crowded it is largely unplayable. Illidan on release day is always difficult to play, but with these servers we are seeing on the beta i dont think that most players will be able to level fast enough, which could cause a lot of frustration.
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    Lore, I am not sure if Facebook bugged on me, but I made a small clip of one of your live streams, maybe you should plug it at the end of one of your Weekly Marmots or PST's... Cuz you're awesome like that.

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    I have a question, I see alot of people talking about use of charms of good fortune on normal mode raids.
    However from the way it reads the new loot system, which allows use of the charms, is strictly for LFR.
    Am i incorrect because I see no official information indicating the normal/heroic mode raiding loot system is being changed at all.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a nagging suspicion that with the introduction of the Monk class and the fact that they will start at level 1, Blizzard may take the opportunity to introduce a class change premium feature so really dedicated guilds can just turn one of their raiders into a Monk for early progression. What are your thoughts on the matter?
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    Hi Lore,
    I wanted to ask a question about the press event itself.
    Did you get the feeling that they may be holding back some information, so they can release later?
    I find it weird that they had no solid information on any of the raids.
    I am pretty sure that in this development cycle, they are already working on at least the concept of 5.1/5.2(depending on how they want to do content patches) and that they 'know' what they want the first tier of MoP raid to be.
    Also, given that they did not have the extra 1-60 to do, Are you excited about the subsequent patches as I am?(god I hope that development time went to somewhere good )
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    Blizzard has said that a lot of the new content in MoP will focus on bringing world PvP back to the game. But i haven't heard them talking about fixing imbalanced servers, wich is a big part of what is ruining world pvp. On my server, stormscale EU, alliance is almost non existing. I did the For The Horde achiev without seeing one single ally, and i have leveled a few characters, and i havent seen one single ally whatsoever. Do you think blizzard will do anything to fix this problem in MoP, and how would they do it ? I miss WPvP
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    During the press event did they happen to talk about a possible 11th slot? If so will they being adding one or should anyone currently with 10 toons have to plan on deleting (or moving) someone to make room?
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    With the incoming Challenge Mode and Ghostcrawlers assumption that only a small percentage will see Gold Medals, could achieving a gold serve as a substitute for heroic progression history for guild applications?
    Far too often I see raiders who really want to be in heroic progression guilds get denied due to lack of experience. This requirement, while valid, does seem to hinder players from ever actually gaining heroic progression experience. Granted there are alot of players who will never be successful in heroic progression guilds, but those that are able to achieve good times in Challenge Modes are, according to Ghostcrawler, playing at a level higher than your average player and it is now a measurable level.
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    What are your views on removing content and items from the game?
    such as removing ZA and ZG raids and removing all of their items as well the old dungeon sets, as now they are in hot demand.
    After paying for that content, does removing it all to not be accessable fair?
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