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    PST Question

    Recently, the idea was floated that Blizzard should find a way to make PVP more profitable, therefore making it more inticing. How about giving us a guild bank style personal bank, which allows us to deposit gold into it, and then making us lootable for half the cash we have on us at the time of ganking?

    Timecard - Skywall
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    PST Question

    Hey Lore!
    With the release of patch 1.0.3 in Diablo 3, I have been continuously reading the Diablo forums and it feels and seems as if an overwhelming amount of people are upset with these changes to the point of quiting, uninstalling, etc. Have you played Diablo 3 since this patch and if so because of these changes, has this affected how much you enjoy Diablo or do you feel these changes were necessary and our fellow human beings are just over reacting?

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    PST Question-

    Hey Lore,
    From what I've seen in the MoP Beta, Monks do have auto attack, If I remember right we were promised no Auto-Attack on Monks. Do you think that they'll remove the auto-attack? If not, why do you think they wont?
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    PST Question-

    Hi Lore.
    The random generated item stat feature in D3 seems to make farming the same content worthwhile, do you think adding a system in wow thats not as random, but still offers a bit diffrent items, such as a ring can drop first week it got crit, next week it got haste, or one week it got more stamina but next week more strength, would that keep raiding more fun as any item you got can drop with slightly better stats?
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    PST Question-

    Hi Lore.
    How do you think the WoW community should deal with the raise in game abuse? It seems impossible to join random PvP without being abused for Spec or gaming-style. These gamer who abusers are sucking all the fun out of the game.
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    PST Question-

    Hi Lore.
    So now that Blizzard have shown with D3 that they can make a cross-character stash, do you think they will implement a stash in WoW? And make that a way to send your heirlooms to other realms and faction. Maybe also a way to gear characters by stashing BoEs and such. What are your thoughts?
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    PST Question-

    Currently in Cataclysm, there are really only two viable dps specs for Death Knights (DW Frost and Unholy), but at the start of Cata 2H Frost was viable for great dps until they buffed Unholy to insane amounts of Strength and gave DW 'Killing Machine' procs off the off-hand. In MoP it seems like 2H Frost might be able to become viable again for competitive dps in PvE. While Frost is technically one spec, alot of Frost players either prefer DW playstyle or 2H playstyle. Do you think that Death Knights in MoP will be balanced enough to where a they can pick any of the "three" dps specs (2H Frost, DW Frost, and Unholy) for themselves w/o having to change their style of play?

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    What should I do If my guild is burnt out on Dragon Soul but i want to continue to raid?

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    PST Question -

    My wife and I have been avid WOW players for 5 years. We've always been focused on the PVE aspect of the game and have never really been interested in the PVP side of WOW. We've both been studying the revamped talent system for MoP and notice that it looks like Blizzard is focusing more on the PVP side of the game. So in the next expansion, is PVE going to take a backseat to make room for more PVP. If so, then I guess we'll be making the switch to GW2.

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    So I'm not sure where to send questions for PST so I'll post here.
    So one thing i've come to realize is that however fun it may be, there isn't a whole lot of validity or point to 1v1 pvp (dueling) and was wondering if there was a way to implement that into pvp. Such as instead of a battleground Que you enter in a dueling tournament that is structured to take the same amount of time and have equal opportunity for honor. what are your thoughts on ways to implement dueling in pvp?
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