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    Hey lore i have mailed you Morloderex
    aka michael
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    < .........You guys have to send a private message for pst qestions.
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    PTS Question:

    With Blizzard releasing MOP's cinematic in mid August, that means its release has to be in either September or October. This means 4.3 will last nearly an entire year. This is a ridiculous amount of time for Dragon soul. How can one survive 4.3 for the remaining time?

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    PST Question

    What does the announcement of the MOP cinematic in mid august tell us about the release date of the Expansion. Previous expansions have been released about 2 months after, which would put MOP dropping in mid October. please. god. no.
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    PST Question:

    What kind of gear do you use for your computer keyboard,mouse, hard-drive etc?

    Dr. Corey
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    PST Question:

    I have been playing the game for quite a few years now as a casual player and have recently decided that I should try raiding. I have ran LFR and have a full set of tier gear on my Rogue from the raid finder but I really want to do Normal mode raids ( and heroic after that). With MoP around the corner, I thought that now would be the best time to try to get into a raiding guild and get to know how they operate. What suggestions would you make for a casual player that wants to transition to being a raider? Is there a specific way I should present myself to a raiding guild or just start advertising in trade chat?

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    PST Question:

    Hello Lore,
    At the end of WotLK I was in the top guild on my server and had topped WoL in healing and dps meters on more than one occasion. Due to work/school schedules, in cata, I was unable to maintain my former glory and had to slow down/stop raiding. I am ready to get back into raiding now and have had no luck in finding a high progression guild willing to take me. As a guild leader of a successful progression guild, what would you want to hear from an applicant before MoP that would allow you to look past 2 years of lackluster progression from a player so that they’re (or mine in this case, lol) skill and dedication are seen, as opposed to lacking 8/8H experience. Most of the guilds refused to even talk to me a without that on my “resume” regardless of 12/12H ICC. What am I doing wrong?

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    hello my dear how are you today i come
    across your profile and i become interesting
    to know you more please can you send me
    email through my given email address above
    i have something important to discuss with
    you ok thanks with love
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    PST Question

    Hey Lore!
    Can You imagine BlackMarket becoming a real money store with super special items that may one day - when Blizzard decides to drop WoW for Titan, replace subsriptions fee ( f.e. like NCSoft did with Lineage2 )?

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    PST question
    a week or two ago on legendary you spoke of how raiding cites wasn't something that happens very often, just when people want the achievements. What do you think of city bosses dropping PVP loot sorta the way the WG and TB raids do. it would also help spread people out to the less populated cities.

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