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    Hi, A thing that has bothered Me about WoW for a while now is that Ogrimmar and Stormwind are the only Cities that get any use.... I LOVE silvermoon but with no Token vendors / portals or anything needed for the latest content blizzard seem to not want us to go there. What are your views on this? should blizzard put all the city updates into each of the faction cities and let the players decide where they want to hang out?

    much love
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    I saw your recent PST and you apologized after ranting about my question. seriously don't. I figured that was your answer when I submitted it and mostly wanted to hear you say it and have others hear you say it. so don't apologize for ...well being yourself and honest.
    -Humphrey the wombat
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    PST Question: With Challenge Modes being about beating the timers and Horde having alot of strong pve racials, will we see on the leadership boards mostly Horde formed groups? As an Alliance and being on the same server as Vodka, this bothers me. Is there a way for Blizz to disable some racials just as their doing for tier-set bonuses? Thanks you for your time in reading this Lore.
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    Sent the Pst question to you instead Lore.., just be a doll and take it next time;-)
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    PST Question: Historically Tier item level has usually been separated by ~13 item levels, I noticed the new valor gear is item level 489 whilst heroic gear is 463. This is the equivalent of two tiers. Why do you think the gear is ramping up so quickly?
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    PST Question:
    Based on what you said for releasing new PvP content, do you think releasing one mode or BG that is basically Slayer (Halo series slayer) where you just kill a certain amount of enemies to win would be good to add. I know when I go into a BG, I'm always disappointed with some people who don't play the objective or don't know how to. I'm big into Halo, and I enjoy the choice of having, CTF or just kill people. What are your thoughts?

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    PST Question:
    Lore, quick WoW question, why has my prgression guild updated all three of our MoP rosters (2 10 mans an 1 25 man) to ave all pally tanks either re-roll or change to dps to the point where we now are searching for tanks....are pallys really going to be that bad for MoP at launch or am I missing something?

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    PST Question:
    Defense rating 2.0?
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    Pst Question:
    As a rogue in LFR, I find I keep losing my tier token to someone who already has the piece or someone in pvp gear, are they ever going to implement a filter to stop those players like that from needing on pieces they already have? And will they ever disqualify the garbage pvp carries from lfr?
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    PST question:

    What do you think is the best raid progression system: Tier progression, like in TBC, or reach maximum level, do dungeons and then be able to join the latest tier? I mean, entertainment and -preventing burnouts wise

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