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    PST question:
    For transmog, how can i get a skin from LFR dragon soul now? It does not appear available.
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    PST Question:
    Hey Lore, I've been just wondering how you feel WoW is doing against the major MMOs out now like Guild Wars 2 and such, do you think MoP will put WoW back in the scene after the sub drops from Cataclysm?
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    PST question:
    Why has blizzard not used the old roll system from LFR were you get +100 to need rolls for your current spec? I'm getting quite tired of losing my healing items to tanks who want them for there off spec.

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    PST question:
    If you have total freedom in designing a new class for WoW, what kind of class would you

    come up with?

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    PST question;
    Tell us the story about your Paladin, when did you create her and why? were you like everyone else a priest in Classic? what made you give up on the old main and go all in on your paladin
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    PST Question:
    Do you think Blizzard will ever expand the primary profession slots per character? Maybe with some restrictions, for example 1 slot for a crafting profession, 1 slot for a gathering profession and a 3rd slot that could be either.

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    PST Question:
    Hey Lore. So i wanted to ask you something that i have thought about quite alot lately.
    Where is Ciderhelm?
    I think its safe to say that many of us viewers came to TankSpot thanks to the project Marmot with Ciderhelm.

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    PST Question:
    Hi Lore. I dont have any WoW related question but, I'd like to ask you if u can make other PST for other games.. specificly FFXI. Lately many old player is coming back after the announcing the new expansion (Seeker of Adoulin).
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    PST Question:
    Do you think blizzard should increase the server capacity on Servers with high que ?
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    PST Question:
    Hi Lore. VP in MoP is fairly easy to gain and cap, will this cause more people to queue for specific dungeons, and leave before the run is completed, if their desired loot is not dropped off of certain bosses. Since they don't gain more VP if complete the run, and JP gear is worst than Heroic anyways.
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