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    PST Question:

    How do you feel about all the marmot bashing going on in MoP? Marmots dressed as chickens, Squashing, and a Puntable Marmot toy. Think it's coincidence they are using a marmot?
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    PST question

    Do you think that combining reputation daily quests with scenarios would be a good way to make the scenario/daily systems more favorable to most players? How do you feel about the current life span of Scenarios without such a feature?

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    PST question

    Why do you think normal / heroic raiders need's to be pigeonhole'd into running LFR to begin with?
    I'm phrasing it like this due to the fact that sigils of power are dropping at twice the rate compared to normal raiding.
    Personally I was really looking forward to not having to run LFR at all this expansion, but yet again I feel "forced" into doing it to bring everything I can for our progression raiding.
    I am still split on the matter and haven't done LFR yet, do to the fact that I don't want to add another count to blizzards highly flawed statistic on LFR usage!

  4. PST Question:
    So now that my monk is 87 I've really been looking into monk gearing, as I want to DW tank - this is one of the main things that brought me to tank with a DK was well - and while the reports I'm seeing are about 50/50 for DW or 2hand tanking, I'm wondering if you think that DW Monk tanking will go the way of the buffalo like DW DK tanking?

    As a follow up, if they do give Monk DW tanking as a viable option, should they go back and give it to DK's as well, a la Treat of Thassarian?

    Thanks, Zhogun
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    PST Question:
    Do you think there will be more WoW expansions, and if so, how many? And what expansion themes would you like to see?
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    PST 100 question:With most raid bosses favouring ranged DPS over melee do you think that melee DPS classes are becoming unviable, or at best a filler/second choice in raid composition? If so what do you think Blizzard can do to address this imbalance?
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    PST question:

    First off great job your doing on all the stuff i can watch/listen while im doing work.

    Why doesnt Blizzard make it worthwhile for male Draenei to use polearms. In my opinion the animation when the toon throws the weapon in the air, makes it do something only gymnasts can do and than catch it + poking an eye out from an enemy is on of the coolist fighting animations in wow. But they only have agility stats and monks fight with fists, accept for jab witch doesnt give you the animation, so its wasted on so few players who either know its there or dont know how to equipe the right stuff on there chars.

    I hope you dont have to much trouble reading this, my spelling can be a bit bad. Im Dutch I'm sorry for being bad at typing english. And im verry much aware that this is a rather pointless question, but none the less i hope you can anwser this one.

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    PST Question:

    First off only just started watching your show, awesome job and keep going!

    When Cataclysm came out i stopped playing the game as the one thing i loved todo was raiding and reaching content less skillful players would never get to see. There was some major "epicness" about it and it was the reason why i loved wow so much. Ever since they brought in different difficultly modes in WoTLK the game has never been the same for me. Raiding back in 2005 with 40 players in old school Naxx was a truly awesome feeling. Same with BT in TBC for example. Now days it seems anyone can walk into LFR and see all the end game content with no real challenge. As much as i understand blizzard wants to cater for super causal players its really taken a lot out of it for me. I have now come back for Mop and am enjoying it so far, but in my opinion things will never be the same. Whats your thoughts on this?
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    PST Question:
    Storyboard time: Do you foresee Blizzard resuming the overarching uber-story of WoW after MoP (Sargeras, Titans, Old Gods, Scourge, Saurfang, Mrs. Saurfang), or might they reserve their big plots for a WoW sequel (possibly after Titan), and maintain a light-hearted meta-story for the remaining expansions of WoW?

    Thank you,
    -Haezriel, Tichondrius
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    PST question:
    Why did you pick Paladin as your main character?
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