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    Weekly Marmot intro

    Hey lore, how about planking?
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    Oh... well poo..
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    You guys, how many times does Lore and other posters have to tell you, pst questions have to be "Private" messages, not regular visitor messages. If you your question here, you probably have to expect that Lore will not use it for PST purposes!
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    Hey Lore,

    My Gripe on dailies is the reward, I have over 500 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune but can only use 90/week why did they not add a choice like in ToC where u could choose from writ or champions purse or have a vendor that gives materials or soemthing? same deal on valor once caped that is it... why not give justice points or something else?
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    Hey Lore,

    do you think a possible problem with dailies is the immense number of players currently doing the same dailies?
    Im well aware the idea of Wow is the MMO concept of the game, being in a world with other players, but I find doing dailies takes so much longer than they probably should as im competing against a number of players for monsters to spawn or mats to reappear, which is the main reason why i dont want to do dailies.
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    PST Question:
    Heya Lore
    I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I might get guildies more active on our website. I post very useful raiding info, be it your raid videos, prof guides, or other small things. I have put alot of time and effort into building this site, and would hate to see it go unused.
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    PST question:

    The current state of the world bosses in wow is that sha of anger has a short spawn timer and you only get loot once per week however the other world boss galleon has a long spawn timer and only 40 people can get loot per kill. what are your thoughts on the current state of how the world bosses are in game?
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    PST Question:

    On legendary you talked about there may be more daily's in a world vs. world type format. Would a daily grind that involved defending/attacking random bases around the world be a little less of a bore?
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    PST Question on danceparty:
    How many Parties have you participated in?
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    PST Question on Paladin's

    How do you feel that pally's are doing in the current tier for each spec Prot, Holy, and Ret for raids, leveling, and pvp/arenas compared to tier 13 and the old talent system? What are your thoughts on this matter?
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