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    Hey Lore since you play pala, i wonder what your opinion of this guy called Athene. He says he is the best paladin in the world. here is to links : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2O2Q...eature=related.
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    Lore, you are a god among men. Just thought you should know.
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    Hi josh, love your videos.
    recently something happened that gave a lot more free time during the week and I'm planning to spend this time playing wow, I am thinking about using this time to raid as much as I can therefore joining a raiding guild, could you please give me some tips on finding the right raiding guild for me and not having to jump from guild to guild trying to find the right one
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    Just a quick thinking , there are many players in wow that are not good @ raiding ( me including ) so it would be great if you had an , what shall we say , some sort of training camp ingame to us ( i am lvl 80 ) that like to start raiding.


    PS. if my nick is to hard to say in english just say Kung like everyone else ^^
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    Dude, I think you broke it :O
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    Hey Lore

    I always like your points of view on stuff(like AVR) so I wondered if you could finally stop the endless discussion about GearScore and give "The LoreMaster" conclusion

    - Do you think it's okay/fair to count on peoples GearScore when you are a pug leader

    - Can you count on peoples GearScore, or does it not take enough details about the player?

    - What had GearScore done to people overall, many people claim that it has made people upset with their GearScore and choose that over stats!

    I hope you want to answer this questions!

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    Hey Lore! Love the show and watch it every week. I just gave up the hardcore raiding for the summer, kind of like what you talked about in the last Weekly Marmot, and am starting a small 10 man guild with a few of my IRL friends. I'm going to be the guild master and would like to know what you do to run the guild and keep everyone happy. Also, what's your opinion of a flexible raid schedule? I was thinking, because of the fact that summer brings lives to WoW players, that we just discuss as a guild when the best time of the week would be to raid and raid then or do you think that having a set schedule would be better for the guild because it's always the same time every week and people won't have problems remembering, "Oh, it's Tuesday I have to raid." Thanks for reading and keep up the good work on the Weekly Marmots. =D
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    Hey lore, I am a rogue and i do the dps that i should, i think, but i cant manage to pug more then 6 bosses in icc .. so do u have anny tips on how to progress better? i know that you are going to say join a guild but its not that easy ....
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    Hey Lore, When did you start your guild? And another question, my guild is new and i'm having a hard time to recruit since my realm has hardly any people on it so what should i do to make it more appealing?
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    Another question:

    In my guild its pretty hard to figure out what loot system we should use, I mean there are sooo many so which one do you pick that will still allow the active people to get enough gear, but still letting the new people get some gear and not having to get 1200 DKP like the old members while a boss kil awards 10 DKP

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